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7 years ago, I founded CreaCon with the dream of creating something extraordinary. We have managed to transform my bedtime stories into a world of excitement and wonder.  We have had many wonderful achievements so far, but we are now looking for a new strategic partner who will take the company and its assets to the next level. In this brochure, I will introduce you to CreaCon, our new and existing concepts and brands, as well as the business side of CreaCon.

Carl Christian Hamre

Chief Creative Officer

City of Friends

City of Friends is uniquely based on bedtime stories created by Carl Christian Hamre for his young son. Inspired by his job as a police officer in the Norwegian Police Service, Hamre recreated stories from his daily adventures working with the emergency services.

City of Friends is a beautifully animated 52x10´ and 2x30´ pre-school TV series which follows the adventures of three new recruits to the emergency services – Max, Ted and Elphie – who work together to help solve various problems and mishaps in and surrounding the City of Friends. The series has captured the hearts of children and parents in more than 180 countries around the world, with its gentle messages around friendship, tolerance and teamwork.

Carl Christian Hamre says: “We could all learn a lot from Max, Ted and Elphie. Just imagine a world where we all just got along and helped each other out”. The City of Friends universe has grown and developed since its start in 2010, and new episodes are currently in planning.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level! CreaCon extend with further live show formats, the mini series and a movie.

Max will appear in his own 90 minutes feature film. Max’s adventure starts as he graduates from the Police Academy. This 3D film will target families with children ranging from 6 to 12 years old - and their friends.

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